A Three Point Strategy 
  • Check-up 
  • Book-up
  • Network
Personality type will determine how one will approach the task of managing their health care. If a person who is a polio survivor is prudent in important things, they will hasten to complete these three basic actions. 


In the last twenty years there has been extensive research with Post Polio Syndrome patients resulting in clinics worldwide dedicated to the treatment of Post Polio Syndrome. The information that has been gained from these studies provides effective remedial solutions to mitigating the effects of post polio syndrome. 

It is recommended that, as soon as possible, a polio survivor should go to a post polio clinic and get an evaluation checkup. The purpose of this checkup is to determine his current physical condition, and to establish a "baseline" by which future visits can be compared. By noting the change in one's condition over a period of time, and comparing this to the statistical data collected from known polio survivors, a useful estimation of future events can be predicted. 

This link is to a list of Post Polio Syndrome knowledgable physians:

Post Polio Doctors and Clinics

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There are lots of things to read about concerning Post Polio Syndrome. Medical journals and abstracts, reports from meetings and symposiums of every kind, theoretical speculation of the highest order and of the wildest imagination. It's all there on the Internet, most of it. The prudent polio survivor will be interested in this gold mine of data. It's there to be sifted and mulled until judgment is established, and knowledge is obtained. When you have finished this little guide, go to the Polio Quick Links section listed on the menu to the left. Jump to the places that interest you. They will lead you, by and by, to where you need to be. 


"Networking" is the current term for the age old idea of associating with others that have a common interest. The Internet provides at least four ways to associate.  
  • Email communicates directly with people as written correspondence. 

  • Netnews conferences are like community bulletin boards in which all participate. Most browser Email programs usually provide access to this Netnews feature, and there are stand-alone programs available that have advanced capabilities. 

  • There are echo mail servers that one can join that distributes any message sent to it by re-sending the message to everyone who has joined that interest group. These messages are read as Email. 

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a way to communicate directly with people online, live, in real time. This is a type of activity that is similar to people setting around a table typing to each other. Check out IRC as there are scheduled events with prominent personalities, and many less formal drop-in for a chat places. 
Use these tools, along with your browser, to collect the information you seek. 
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