I've Had Polio. What Now? 
If you are a polio survivor, learning of the the existence of Post Polio Syndrome can be very troubling.  

  Look at these two statements concerning Post Polio Syndrome. 

  • If you are a polio survivor, the statistical probability is you will someday experience symptoms of Late Effects of Poliomyelitis.  

  • If you are feeling unaccountability rotten as you get older, it is possible you are experiencing symptoms of post polio syndrome. 
I don't know if these statements are absolutely correct, but they are close, and the implications in them are dire. It is a prudent polio survivor who remains aware of these possibilities.  

It can be argued that Post Polio Syndrome is nothing more than "infirmities of aging" amplified by residual weaknesses from polio. No matter, it is the same problem. 

When you begin feeling old too soon, it's wise to get serious about your health care. 

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If it is in your future to deal with Post Polio Syndrome, you can be comforted by knowing the medical profession has identified the condition and it is treatable.  

Just as important to know is there is an active, effective network of sympathetic people whose experience is available to you.  

Good news, but how can we use this information to plan a survival strategy? Here is one suggestion.  

A Three Point Strategy
  • Checkup 
  • Book-up 
  • Network
Weaving these three items into a useful plan is discussed in the next several pages.  
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